Calidad: 320 Kbps / Tamaño: 155Mb / Formato: MP3 / Fecha: 2013
Duración:  01h06m28s /Genre: Soundtrack, Score
Compuesta por:  Jeff Rona

01. The Early Dawn
02. This Is Not A Drill
03. Can We Be Redeemed For The Things We've Done?
04. Time For Farewells
05. We All Go The Same Way On A Boat
06. Welcome Aboard
07. We Sail At Dawn
08. True Zealots
09. Twenty Ton Screws
10. These Goverment Drugs Are Shit
11. Like A Thousand Snowflakes
12. Engage The Phantom
13. Only Two Reasons
14. My Father
15. You Should Be Flattered
16. Sending A Signal
17. Go Below
18. They Already Have The Codes
19. If They So Much As Blink
20. Torpedoes In The Water
21. This Is Your Captain
22. Arming The Warhead
23. We're On The Bottom
24. Give Her A Message
25. To Stay Here With You
26. I Wish He Knew
27. An Ocean Way (Carmen Rizzo Mix) featuring Rachel Fannan

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